X10 Wireless Wall Switches

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X10 Wireless Wall Switches

Imagine being able to put a wall switch anywhere you like, without running wires or cutting a hole in your wall. It’s easy with this attractive, super thin, light-weight X10 Wireless Wall Switch that adheres to any surface with its included velcro strips. With easy, single push-button programming, you have wireless remote control of up to 3 X10 compatible modules or X10 receivers on consecutive X10 addresses, plus dimming capability with the fourth button. Place a wall switch next to your desk and flip on your stereo and overhead lights without getting up from your chair. Mount one in your living room and control the security and decorative lights for your flower garden or landscaping. And if you have a detached garage, shed or greenhouse, you can light a dark interior from the safety of your back porch. You can even use it as a portable 4-button wireless remote!

  • Super-thin and light-weight
  • Installs in seconds; attaches to any wall
  • Controls 3 X10 devices with dimming

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