X10 Powerhouse DM10A PRO Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector

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X10 Powerhouse DM10A PRO Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector

Wish there was a way to turn on a porch light or foyer lamp for family members who arrive home at night, without having to keep it on all night long? It's easy with the X10 Wireless Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor! Just mount this wireless, weatherproof sensor anywhere near the front door, and when it detects motion, it sends a wireless signal to an X10 RF Base (within 100'), which in turns sends an signal over the AC lines to turn on any X10-controlled device (required RF Base sold separately). You can even have it send a signal to turn on all the lights in the house by activating a macro via an X10 intelligent controller (i.e. Stargate, HomeVision, Activehome, HouseLinc, etc.).

  • Have Your Porch Light Turn On Every Time You Approach!
  • No more searching for your keys in the dark when your hands are full
  • Have it turn on an indoor lamp, and never walk into a dark home again
  • Avert prowlers with indoor/outdoor lighting that turns on when they get near the house

Item you will receive is in very good condition - item only, no paperwork or packaging. For use with ReX-10 Barking Dog Alarm - which I have listed as well.