The Vintage Condition

~~~ About the items for sale at CranberryManor ~~~

All items for sale by CranberryManor are pre-owned, used, and unless otherwise noted, have not been repaired. Surface dirt will be removed. Clothing on old dolls is not cleaned (tends to ruin the clothes), and linens will be washed and pressed. Staining in linens will be removed to the best of my ability and called in listing if present.

I do recommend that if you purchase earrings, to disinfect the hardware w/several wipes of alcohol (be careful to avoid the stones). Unless requested, Sterling Jewelry will not be polished, preserving the patina associated w/age. Retro Sterling Jewelry will not be polished, as polishing tends to remove the vermeil coating. Jewelry repairs and stone replacements are noted, if present.

~~~ About Condition of Vintage Goods ~~~

Condition is usually consistent with age and defects noted include cracks, chips, flakes, flea bites, crazing, missing pieces, breaks, repairs, stains and the like. Significant wear to gilding, decal, or pattern will be called, but vintage items are expected to exhibit some wear associated w/both age and use. I try very hard to detect and call all flaws. If I do miss something, please be assured that it is completely unintentional. If the missed flaw affects your desire for your purchase, please contact me - I will work with you to come to a resolution that is equitable for both you and me.

The terms I use to describe condition are as follows:

  • MINT - only used to describe wares in original, unopened packaging with no damage, wear, or age evidence
  • EXCELLENT - vintage and antique items with wear and signs of age appropriate for the age of the item. For example, a 100 year old piece of glass is expected to have signs of age and use and would be marked excellent as long as there are no chips, cracks, or missing pieces.
  • GREAT - item may have a hairline or otherwise unnoticeable crack, may be frayed a little, may have slight yellowing, or may show wear to gold gilding, enameling, paint, etc.
  • GOOD - item will have noticeable damage or wear or signs of age as described.